5% - 227.8 (-11.99)
10% - 215.8 (-23.98)
15% - 203.8 (-35.97)
20% - 191.8 (-47.96)
25% - 179.8 (-59.95)
30% - 167.8 (-71.94)

final goal weight:
160 - 180 lbs
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Thursday, February 28, 2013


This morning was rough!!!  Both of my boys have always been and are still pretty good sleepers.  They have their nights where they aren't too.  Well this morning was Ryan's!  He woke up at 4am and didn't go back to sleep until almost 6am.  We bounced from his bed to mine and I was one crabby Mommy!!!  I am not good at co-sleeping, I love my space!  So when either one of the boys is in our bed or vice versa, I don't sleep.  So my mind kept racing.  Then I heard Jim getting ready for work, then I heard him leave, had to turn on the fan for white noise...you get the idea.

Pink lines are awake times.
My breakfast the past few days.  Two baked eggs, double fiber english muffin and WW  cheese wedge.

I did not want to go to the gym.  I wanted to take Zack to school and come home and sleep!  Instead, I got my workout clothes on and headed to the gym after drop off.  I started with the elliptical and did 38 min.  I did 5 min (and 50 calories) then tried to pause the machine while I fixed the blinds on the window but it didn't pause so I had to restart my workout.

I couldn't decide what to do next so I did the bike for 20 minutes on the manual setting.

Since I was suffering from lack of sleep I decided to get the Energizer smoothie to see if it would help.  It was pretty darn good but I haven't seen a boost in energy yet.  :/
I was really trying to aim for M-F workouts.  However, I forgot that I have a facial scheduled for tomorrow morning so I'll miss tomorrow.  I am kind of bummed but proud of myself for going 4 days in a row this week!!!  Next week I have a hair appt on Wed so I might do M,T,Th, F.

Now I seriously might try to take a nap!  

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