5% - 227.8 (-11.99)
10% - 215.8 (-23.98)
15% - 203.8 (-35.97)
20% - 191.8 (-47.96)
25% - 179.8 (-59.95)
30% - 167.8 (-71.94)

final goal weight:
160 - 180 lbs
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Checking in

I’m not sure why I try to stick to a schedule with my husband is home, I just set myself up for failure!  I got one jog in last week and haven’t been able to since.  So I think I’ll restart week 9 next week. 

I weighed in on Friday morning but didn’t get a chance to log it…221.  Not happy!!!

I volunteered in Zack’s classroom this morning and now we’re off to a Trunk or Treat at his school and a Fall Festival.  This picture was of us at the Halloween Birthday party we went to on Saturday.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Started week 9!

I finally got to start week 9 today, a few days behind schedule.  I hate not being on my normal schedule!  It seems way too easy to fall off the wagon and say, “oh, I’ll do it later/tomorrow/the next day.”

I got to jog by myself today, horray!  It was nice!  It started off much easier but then about half way my legs got really tired.  I started to focus more on my breathing which helped get me through it.  I turned around at exactly 15 min and just went back the same way I came. However, once I got to my finish spot I still had 2 minutes to go.  So I must’ve ran faster the second half?  I don’t know because my time is slower than in days past.  My legs are a little jello-ish right now but it felt good!!



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Six months in

Today is my six month anniversary of (re)starting my weight loss journey.  I feel better and am proud of how far I’ve come.  So far I’ve lost over 16 lbs, lost almost 5 inches and dropped one pant size.  I’m anxious to get more active and lose more weight.  Here’s to getting healthy, one step at a time!  Thank you all for following me on my journey and a HUGE thank you to my BFF, Sarah!  Sarah, you are a constant inspiration and my greatest supporter. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Music to my ears

The hubs came home tonight!  Not long after he got home he told me that I look great and followed it with a kiss.  I know it sounds silly and trivial but not for me.  I needed that, it was music to my ears.  It is nice to hear the compliment, especially from my husband.  I’ve been stuck at 220 for a month now and was starting to get discouraged again.  But hearing him say those words gave me more motivation.

On another note…I had coffee with a friend and then cleaned house like a crazy woman today.  I didn’t get my C25K workout in but I did work up more of a sweat cleaning then I do when jogging.  Tell me how that works?!  I plan to do W9D1 tomorrow before taking Zack to school.  I’ll then get my haircut, meet my mom for lunch and then have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  Busy day!

Said hubs went to bed early since he worked all night and then drove 11 hours home.  Sad smile  Poor guy!  After all three boys were in bed I made cookies for them.  I quickly remembered why I NEVER make cookies.  I can NOT resist the cookie dough.  Ugh, I totally lack in the self control department…help me!

These are the cookies I made…delish!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

All registered!


I am officially registered to run (jog) my first 5k!  I am going to jog the Jingle Bell Run/Walk by myself for my first one.  My 5k/10k buddy, Lyndsey will be doing it too but she’s going to walk it.  Just over 3 weeks until race day.  I will complete my C25K on Friday and then I intend to keep jogging on M, W, and F and maybe improve my speed?  If not, then it will just help me prepare for the big day.

C25K W8D3

I officially finished week 8 today.  I tried to do it yesterday but ended up spending the day at my parents house.  So the boys and I did it after lunch today.  The sun was out and at one point there was no breeze and it was warm! 

Our neighbor across the street, an older lady from the east coast, was on a walk.  We passed her when I was about 10 min into my run.  Then ran into her again after I turned around.  Then when we were coming around the corner to head home we saw her again.  I was proud to be jogging in front of her.  I remember when I first started my walking and attempted to jog and had to give up less than a minute in.  There was this younger skinnier chick that jogged by me and I attempted to keep up with her but had to give up.  All I could think was, “bitch!”  So it was kind of nice to be the one jogging leaving someone else in my dust.  (Not that the neighbor wanted to jog, she was just walking her yippy dog but you get my point.)



Welcome to my new followers…not sure how you found me but I’m glad you’re here!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Evening jog

It was raining when we woke up this morning so I couldn’t get in my Day 3 work out.  We ran some errands and went shopping with my mom.  We had lunch and then headed home.  Ryan fell asleep on our way home and ended up sleeping until after 5pm.  When he woke up we had dinner and then I contemplated on doing my workout.  The clouds outside looked nasty so I was afraid of getting soaked.  I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.  We got a later start than I wanted though.  We avoided the rain though.  It got dark really quick which I didn’t like but we did it.  About 18 min into my jog I got a stomach ache and thankfully was 2 min close to my house.  I made a mad dash for the house which meant I only did a 20 min jog.  I’m not going to count this as Day 3, I’m going to attempt it again tomorrow.  An extra 1.5 mi jog won’t hurt me, right?!  Maybe I can get my friend to watch the boys so I can go by myself?!   We’ll see!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly weigh in

Starting Weight: 237
Last Week: 219.8
This Week: 220.6
Weekly Loss: +.8
Total Loss: –16.4

Next goal: 215

Don’t you love how I teeter totter on the 219/220?  Ya, me neither!  However, this week is TOM so I’m hoping that’s why I’m up?

Or it could be the lack of sleep I got last night, we’re talking about 1.5 hours!  Zack was up from about 2:30am on.  He was complaining about an ear ache and then head ache and threw up several times, probably from the pain.  Took him to urgent care this morning and turns out the poor kiddo has an ear infection (I think he’s only had 2 prior to this).  I felt so helpless and just wanted to make my poor guy feel better.  I tried to nap today when both boys were napping but I was too tired to sleep. 

So, I didn’t get in my workout today.  The time that I would’ve gone was when we were at the doctor.  So I’m aiming to do it tomorrow and looking forward to it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

C25K W8D2

It was awfully cold this morning when I dropped Zack off at school so I opted to go for my jog after lunch.  So instead of my morning workout I went and spent money.  Probably should opt for the workout.  But it’s not like I do it everyday, right?  AND everything I got was on sale or super cheap!  I went to the fabric store to get elastic to finish Ryan’s costume and found a bunch of Halloween stuff 60% off!  I then stopped at Goodwill.  I scored a pair of boots for myself for $3!!  (My new jeans were a bit too long for my flat shoes.)  I also found a little girl’s batgirl dress that I’m going to cut in half and make a cape out of, double score! 

After lunch we headed out for my workout.  I saw the sunshine so I thought we were good.  We got about a half of a mile into it and it started sprinkling!  It only sprinkled for a few minutes and then it quickly went away.  Thankyouverymuch!  Today was a little tougher, some of the time my legs felt like lead but I was faster so maybe that’s why?  Or maybe it’s because my TOM has arrived for a visit and I’m all bloated?!  Don’t know but what I do know is that I did it!


Monday, October 17, 2011

C25K W8D1

I made it to week 8!  I’m proud of myself!  This week is three 28 min jogs!  I missed my workout this morning because of an appointment (which turned out to be a waste of time).  So after I got home and we all had lunch I loaded both boys up and we headed out.  I was nervous taking Zack.  Not because of the weight but because of the distraction, sounds horrible doesn’t it?  I like working out in the morning with just Ryan (especially when he falls asleep) or even better BY MYSELF.  It’s peaceful and I crave the quiet time.  But I knew I had to get out there today so I did.  It turned out to be ok even.  Zack did pretty good and Ryan fell asleep quickly even with his brother there.  Zack sang and talked to himself and about 18 min in he told me that he was impressed with me.  Ha!!  Maybe I will take him with me more often!  For moral support.  LOL  The past 3 days have been beautiful and so was today!  The sun was out during my jog but it wasn’t too hot.  I was a bit slower today but I felt great and didn’t have difficulty at all, the extra 3 min didn’t even phase me.  All in all, a good day!



Friday, October 14, 2011


I haven’t decided how often I’m going to take my measurements.  But since the scale isn’t moving very fast I tried to boost my confidence and see if the inches are in my favor.  I didn’t have what I measured last time in front of me this morning so I tried to go off of memory (which is not so good anymore).  Last time I had my mom measure me and this time I did it myself so I might be a tad bit off, it’s not easy doing some of it yourself!
Here are the results after 2 months (and the start of the C25K):
Neck: 15”  (same)R upper arm: 15” (-.25)Bust: 44” (-2.25”)Band: 38.5” (-.75”)Waist: 45” (not sure if I measured in same spot) (same??)Hips: 50.5” (-1.5")
Not too bad!!  I want to see more change in the waist and stomach area though, dang it.  Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers, right?!
This shirt used to be tight on me in the stomach area, remember this picture?
I realized it as I was walking home and I noticed the shirt was hanging down in the front, not hung up on anything. 

C25K W7D3

I finished week 7!!!!  Only 2 more to go!  Today seemed easier actually.  I had a tough time getting started but once I did it wasn’t bad. 


It was much colder today, I’m not even sure it was 50 degrees but it felt good.  Until I was finished and then my chest was burning, the coughing started up and the mucus was in full force!  I went to the doctor on Wednesday and got on an antibiotic but it’s seemed to break up all the crap so I feel like I’m coughing up more almost.  But hopefully it will clear all this up soon!

I felt good on my jog so I decided to jog a bit more at the end.  I wanted to complete a full out and back jog and see how far it was.  So I did.  Turns out the jog is exactly 2 miles!  Normally my workouts have been 14 min/mi with the walks but just this jog was 13 min/mi.  Not too shabby considering I’m pushing “Cindy” and Ryan.  Smile



So just now I looked up on the Cool Running C25K program’s website where you can choose to run for time or distance and it says 25 min should equal 2.5 mi.  Oops!  I will still probably keep on track with what I’m doing.  I have a few weeks in between when I finish my training and my first official 5k so I can build up to 3 mi.  Right?!


Weekly Weigh in

Starting Weight: 237
Last Week: 220.2
This Week: 219.8
Weekly Loss: –.4
Total Loss: –17.2

Next goal: 215

I’m glad to be back under 220 but it’s just barely so I know I’m not out of the woods yet.  I think I could’ve done better on foods this week, that’s for sure.  But I’ll take the loss.  I still have my goal for 215 by the end of the month.  I’m hoping I’ll make it but by the way the way it’s been going, I don’t think that I will.  Slow and steady wins the race!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

C25K W7D2

Not gonna lie, I wanted to quit or take a small break several times but I didn’t.  I mapped the running part out and it is just about 2 miles.  With the walking and jogging it’s at 2.45 mi.  I’m hoping by the end of the training I’ll be up to 3 miles?!  not sure if I should continue running for time or for distance?  I guess I’ll stick to the plan, they seem to know what they’re doing.  LOL


Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I decided to go pink.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I’m not sure what’s going on with me the last week.  Maybe it’s over exhaustion, maybe it’s lack of sleep?  Whatever it is, it’s tiring me out!  I think I may have mentioned that I took a 2 hr nap on Sunday.  Well then today I put Ryan down for his nap and got on the computer and before I knew it, I was waking up in my chair.  Zack was happily having quiet time watching cartoons so I moved to the couch and took a much needed nap.  I’m thinking this one was 45 min to an hour?  Lately I just feel overly tired.  I tried getting coffee in the late afternoon to see if that would help but…nope!

I woke up from my nap today at 5:30pm and debating on going to zumba.  I ended up hurrying up and going thinking it would give me more energy.  Nope!  I was just falling asleep before I started writing this.  Ryan didn’t do as well this time.  I was about 5 min away from the end of the class when the child care girl came and got me.  Bummer!

Zack has had a bad dream almost ever night, except for last night.  I think?  See, they all run together anymore.  Ryan has woken up at least once the last few nights, I think it’s his teeth.  I am not awake for long but when I wake up in the morning I feel like I’ve stayed up all night. 

I thought that exercise was supposed to give you more energy?  I’m not feeling that right now!  I feel more tired and more worn out. It’s affecting my mood and making me a very cranky Mommy and I hate it.  My patience is slim to none anymore, which is not me.  My house looks like a tornado hit it.  I’m behind on blogging on the boys’ blog.  The list goes on and on. 

Anyone else have this same problem?

Monday, October 10, 2011



C25K W7D1

This morning we had a field trip with Zack’s preschool so I couldn’t get my jog in.  The weather was overcast but when we got home it was raining.  I put Ryan down for a nap and drug my feet but finally got on the treadmill.

It wasn’t nearly as bad this time but still don’t like it as much as running outside.  I got about 18 min into the jog and got an instant stomach ache and had to run to the restroom.  (TMI?)  I am so thankful we were home otherwise I would’ve been screwed!  I got back on and finished the rest of my jog/walk. 

I am having a hard time figuring out the speed thing.  I started out with 3.5 but then about half way I slowed down to 3.2 because it seemed too fast.

I was a sweaty mess afterwards, tried to get it a pic of my forehead sweating.  I do like that I have the option of the treadmill on rainy days but would still rather jog outside.  Let’s hope for better weather on Wed!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spokane Marathon-10k


We were downtown and ready for the Spokane Marathon – 10k around 8am.  I slept like crap last night since Ryan was up twice.  My feet were killing me because I wore old boots yesterday and I remembered why I got new shoes.  But I did it anyway!  I didn’t take my camera this time since it’s so big.  The last two miles were HARD on my feet!  I swore than when I took my shoes off that my feet would be bleeding, but they weren’t.  We finished in 1:48:17 which included a stop to the porta potty.  It was much easier than our last 10k because most of it was flat, very small inclines.  It was beautiful too! 


Lyndsey’s mom, Jo who is 54 did it with us with some of her work friends.  She powered through the entire thing with a bad (bone on bone) knee.  At the beginning I had a hard time keeping up with her but thankfully she slowed down.  She was a true inspiration!!

It was a great race day too, a little chilly at first and overcast but better than being hot!  We had a great time and I think I’ll do it again next year.


After we finished we walked a few blocks to Starbucks for some coffee then went back to watch a co-worker of Jo’s finish the half marathon.  Holy smokes!!  Some of those marathon runners are intense!


(I thought the shirts were cute!)

I came home and my mom, the boys and I went to lunch at Tomato Street (yum!).  When we got home I put Ryan down for a nap and I took a nice 2 hr nap on the couch while Zack watched cartoons. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

C25K W6D3

I did it!  The weather was a little warmer today and NO rain so we headed outside!  I was actually dreading it, it was tough and at times I was hating it but it feels darn good to have completed it!  I was surprised that I only looked at my stop watch maybe 5 times?  The first two were at 4 and 8 minutes which is an improvement.  I took a different route which I actually like better, less cars speeding by. 


Ryan fell asleep again at about 17 min in.  It doesn’t surprise me. 


I need to go to the store.  We’re all out of foods, healthy foods.  I have been having the Cliff bars for breakfast and I ran out last week.  So this morning all I had was a banana and I’m now starving!  We’re meeting a friend and her little boy for lunch at BK so I think I’ll opt for a salad or maybe splurge and then have a salad for dinner.  I haven’t decided yet.

Tonight my friend Lyndsey and I are going to pick up our race packets for our second 10k on Sunday.  My mom will stay here Saturday night since the race starts at 8:30am!  I’m SO looking forward to getting out child-free and having at least 2 hours or more of just girlfriend time!

We have a busy day planned on Saturday and will be tough food wise.  My MIL’s birthday is that day so my SIL’s planned a surprise party for her at a local Chinese restaurant.  I’ll have to see what is best to eat, prior to going.  Then in the evening we have an Octoberfest party to go to at a friend of the family’s house.  Good thing we’re walking 6 miles the next morning!  Smile

Weekly weigh in

Starting Weight: 237
Last Week: 220
This Week: 220.2
Weekly Loss: +.2
Total Loss: –16.8

Not sure why?  I’m thinking lack of water yesterday, I don’t know.  But I’m not going to let it get me down.  I hate that it’s always a struggle but am proud to be doing something about it.  Persistence will pay off, won’t it?!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day of rest

That is exactly what I’m going to do…rest.  Or try to!  I have had a horrible cough for over a week now.  My mom thinks I have bronchitis.  Yesterday I started getting a stuffy nose and felt run down.  This morning I have a full on stuffy, runny nose and some sneezing.  Blech!

On top of all of that I woke up to a VERY sore right bicep.  It hurts to move it a certain way.  I’m not sure what I did.  I can’t imagine that I could hurt it on the treadmill so I’m thinking maybe I worked it funny at Zumba?  Dunno!  But I’m going to take it easy today so I can be well rested for my 25 min jog on Friday!  (OMG!)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good reminder for myself



FTR, I do not want the above body…just like the quote.  Smile

C25K W6D2…again

Last night I made it to Zumba.  This was the first time that I put the boys in the child watch and it went ok.  Ryan lasted the whole time, much to my surprise.  He was crying in one of the worker’s arms when I returned but they said he did well the entire time.

It has been raining pretty much all day which meant no working out outside.  Sad smile  I did my first jog on the treadmill!  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love it.  I think I like jogging outside much better.  I jogged at 3.5mph and the whole time I kept thinking that that’s how long it would take me to finish my first 5k, one hour?!?!  I sure hope I pick up some speed!  I didn’t have any music so maybe that would help?  Zack came in the room a few times and I definitely preferred the peace and quiet (I never get that) over distractions.  I had a focal point on the wall and stared at it the whole time.  When I jog outside I have changing scenery.  At first it seemed harder on my my knees but the second 10 min jog was easier.  It was much hotter and I was more sweaty.  It’s an easy alternative to jogging outside but I think I still prefer the outdoors.  We’ll see.IMG_8749IMG_8758IMG_8764IMG_8766IMG_8770

On another note…I bought myself a new pair of jeans today at Target and they are a size 16!!!  So far I love them and I love the smaller size!


(Do not know why I look pregnant!)

Monday, October 3, 2011

More Round ‘About 5k’ pics

Founds some pictures from the Round ‘About 5k’ that we participated in on Sept 18th.







C25K W6D1…again

I started week 6 again this week. Today was pretty easy.  I felt like I wanted to jog more and walk less.  This was my last workout without the stroller for a bit.  It’s starting to get colder now so I’m going to have to bundle Ryan up a little more but I’m going to get out there.  I am a bit nervous though, we’re supposed to be getting some rain and if I can’t get out to do my training I’ll have to do it on the treadmill in the basement.  I’m a bit nervous for that.  Let’s hope for good weather!


Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today was Zack’s 5th birthday party.  Family and friends gathered at the Y for the celebration.  Two of my friends told me that I am looking good.  Then when we got home Jim’s cousins came over to visit.  We haven’t seen them in a month or two and both of them complimented me as well, one of which was a male!  That may have been the topper for my day!  It’s nice to hear that all the hard work is being noticed (not just by myself).

Change of plans

I didn’t get my jog in today like I had hoped to and won’t get to tomorrow either.  So instead I’ll restart week 6 on Monday.  I’m kind of disappointed but that’s ok.

We also just got word that hubby’s cousin’s birthday party is the same day as the Pumpkin Pacer.  Since he’s only home once a month and rarely sees his cousins I opted to change my plans.  I won’t be doing the Pumpkin Pacer on Oct 29th and will do the Jingle Bell Run/Walk on Nov 19th instead.  This will give me a little more time, more of a cushion and looks just as fun.