5% - 227.8 (-11.99)
10% - 215.8 (-23.98)
15% - 203.8 (-35.97)
20% - 191.8 (-47.96)
25% - 179.8 (-59.95)
30% - 167.8 (-71.94)

final goal weight:
160 - 180 lbs
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Repeat Challenge

Today is the start of another BBM Challenge.  Since the 3.0 challenge doesn’t start until January we decide to do the first one over again.  I didn’t see results on 2.0 so I’m hoping that the original challenge will bring results. 

I stepped on the scale this morning and saw 237 lbs.  It is shark week and had a weekend with drinking but I wanted to cry!!!  I have been struggling the past few months.  I just keep seeing the scale creep up and up and it angers me.  I am trying to eat as good as I can but honestly, it’s hard with Jim home. 

So, I’m going to focus on all of it more now!


Bust:  46.5 in
Chest: 39.5 in
Waist: 41 in
Hips: 53 in
R Thigh upper: 29 in
              lower: 24.5 in
R arm: 14 in
Knee: 19 in

Monday, August 18, 2014

The day I thought I was going to die!

Ok, so the title is a bit dramatic but it was still bad!!!

The boys stayed at my in law’s house last night so when I woke up this morning I relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Then about 10:30am I decided to go for a bike ride on a nearby trail.  I had been on the trail but hadn’t gone far.  So this time I wanted to go farther and see more.

What I didn’t take into consideration was the time of the day that I was going and the temperature!  It was nice out but quickly got HOT!  When I started at 11am it was 75* and when I finished at 12:40pm it was 84*!!! 

I loaded up and got to the trail just to notice that the starting area was closed for construction.  Not a problem, I rode the sidewalk down to where it met the trail.  I put my backpack on with my water bottle and had another water bottle in the truck for when I got back.  And I was off!

IMG_3792  IMG_3793

10 minutes into my bike ride was this big hill and I had walk up most of it.  It may not look big in the pic but I assure you that it was!

IMG_3796 IMG_3799

After I got over that big hill it was mostly down hill for the first part of the ride.  It wasn’t bad!  However, what goes down has to come back up!


A couple miles into the ride I had to stop and take a break.  I went to sit on a bench and set  my back pack down and accidentally spilled my water.  I was NOT happy!  It was mostly up hill, hot and very very sunny!  I walked quite a bit since it was up hill.  I was getting sweatier, my heart was pounding and at times I started to feel dizzy/light headed.  It was not fun!  I stopped periodically so I could catch my breath. 

As I was huffing and puffing I looked over at the highway next to the trail and happened to see Jim drive by.  I wanted and needed water but unfortunately he wasn’t able to stop since he was on his way to the shop for a part.


I found some shade under and over pass and sat there for a while to compose myself.  That’s when Jim called to see where I was because he was able to stop.  I had no idea how to explain where I was so I told him to keep going and I got back on my bike.  He heard the desperation in my voice and found me just as I was coming down the big hill near the end.  MY HERO!!  He gave me three bottles of water and it had never tasted so good!!

IMG_3812 IMG_3816 IMG_3817

Just a few minutes later I was back at the truck and thrilled to be finished!  I didn’t realize how hilly this trail was.  My legs were not sore from the ride but I was physically exhausted and probably dehydrated!

IMG_3818 IMG_3821

Friday, July 25, 2014

Still here

Live is BUSY!!!!  I’m still here though.  We are currently on Day 82 and I’ve only missed a couple days of workouts.  I am up 7 lbs and I haven’t taken my measurements since day 30.  I am somewhat discouraged.  I know I haven’t focused on my food like I should but with the workouts I feel like I should show some progress. 

I wasn’t a huge fan of 2.0.  I liked the first one better, I don’t know why.  Maybe because it was new? 

She is doing a 3.0 Challenge but it’s not starting until January!  She is redoing the 2.0 in September and I can’t decide if I want to redo that one or the first one.  I’m leaning towards the first one.

I really need to focus on my eating.  I have to!  I hate that I have gained…hate it!  I know that some is muscle but not all of the weight can be. 

The past week I have not been feeling all that well.  I feel extreme fatigue.  On Monday is when I first noticed it.  I thought maybe it was because I had a medium coffee in the morning and was feeling the “crash” after lunch.  But I have had that “crash” all week.  Today it started in the morning before I even finished my small cup of coffee.  I don’t know if I’m starting to get sick or what.  It’s frustrating though.

On a good note…my BFF is coming to visit in SEVEN days!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

10 miles!!!

When Lyndsey asked if I wanted to do a 10 mile bike ride with her, I was nervous!  I felt good after biking 7 miles the other day but three more seemed intimidating.  But, I was up for the challenge!!!  She picked me up this morning and off we went!
Lyndsey has a road bike which has much smaller tires than my mountain bike.  Plus she's a freaking pro at biking!  We're talking she's done a 45 mile ride!!!!!  So she made this look easy!  Truth is that there was a slight incline on the trail but it was relatively flat.  Because of my big tires I had to pedal the whole time.  It wasn't always easy and it definitely got my heart pumping!  We stopped at 3 miles so I could get a drink and stretch.  Then before I knew it we were at 5 miles and it was time to turn around!
Heading back was a breeze!  See below, I could actually take an action shot!  The 5 miles back to her car went by so fast!
We did it!!!!  It really was a cool feeling to know that I biked TEN miles and I didn't die!!!
I felt pretty good afterwards.  My lady parts were a bit sore but the palms of my hands hurt the worst.  I think I need to raise my handle bars possibly?  I thought I wasn't going to be able to walk after but much to my surprise, my legs felt good!!!

Lyndsey reassured me that I did great for my ride, which meant a lot coming from her!  I'm looking forward to many more miles with her!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I picked up a bike at a yard sale last month.  I've been wanting one for a while since both boys are able to ride bikes now with no training wheels.  I've gotten to ride little bits here and there, nothing too major.  

Today the boys and I rode 2 miles then after dinner I went for a ride by myself.  I did over 5 miles!  I rode down to Home Depot to return something, over to Shopko to return a shirt and pick up my sweet new helmet and then over to WinCo to get some groceries for Jim's lunch. 
 The ride there was easy, it was all down hill which meant coming home was all up hill.  It wasn't easy, I won't lie.  But I loved the challenge and I loved that I could feel the burn in my legs.  

I am really starting to like biking and hope that I can do more of it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

BBM Challenge 2.0: Day 30 Check In

It's hard to believe it's been a month already.  Time has flown by!!!  I have done every workout except for one cardio day.  Life has been incredibly busy!  I can't wait for school to be done but I have a feeling it won't slow down much.

The others in my accountability started out strong but we're back down to about 4 (myself included) of us that are consistently doing it daily.  I'm thankful for those that have stuck it out with me. 

I have gained weight again.  Blah!  But thankfully I've lost inches!  Here are my results thus far:

Bust: 43.5" (-1.5")
Chest: 38" (-1.5")
Waist: 44" (+.5"????)
Hips: 50.5" (-1")
R Thigh: 29" upper (-.5")
              20" lower (-.5")
R Arm 14" (didn't measure on day 1)

Weight: 226 lbs (+3.4 lbs)

I will be honest, I have not been eating that great.  We have been eating out a lot since we've been on the go so much.  But Jim and I talked tonight about not eating out as much and eating better.  We also talked about riding our bicycles which I'm kind of excited about!  I know it won't be intense since the boys will be doing it too but I think it will be fun, great exercise and a great family event.

I have decided not to do a weekly weigh in.  I'm trying not to obsess over the number on the scale.  I will occasionally step on it because I think it does keep me accountable but just not weekly. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0 begins!

Starting weight: 222.6 lbs

Bust: 45"
Chest: 39.5"
Waist: 44"
Hips: 51.5"
R Thigh: 29.5" upper
               20.5" lower
Here we go!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Still here!

I am still here!  I am still weighing in each Thursday and doing my best to watch what I eat.  I haven't gotten in a real workout though and I hate that!  I haven't had time or made time.  I had planned on doing the mini BBM Challenge but haven't.  I am looking forward to starting 2.0 on May 5.

This was my weigh in this morning.  Not too bad!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

BBM Challenge complete!

I did not complete the last week because we went to Seattle.  My ending weight was 222 lbs, which was a 3.6 lb loss.  And as of my 60 day check in I lost 11 inches!

I really liked the challenge and was extremely proud of myself for sticking to it for so long!  There were probably only about 4 of us that stuck out the challenge in my accountability group but that's ok.  I am looking forward to the next challenge BBM Challenge 2.0!

(Late) Weekly Weigh In

We were in Seattle on Thur morning and I forgot yesterday so I weighed in today.  I weighed 222 lb, up just a bit which I'll take since shark week started.  Jim's headed out of town next week for work so I'm hoping to get back on track. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

Weighed in today at 221.6 lbs on my home scale.  This will be my starting weight from here on out. 

I have made the decision to not continue going to WW.  With all the changes in our house right now I could really save the money for something else.  Plus I wasn't going to the meetings and using the tools like I should've been so why pay someone $45/mo to step on their scale? 

I can do it at home, I've done it before.  Lyndsey and I have promised to hold each other accountable.  I ask that you please do that too!  I'm contemplating doing it like I did 4+ years ago.  Each time I would weigh in I'd pay $2 and then once I met a goal I got the money.  Then maybe if I gain I could add a $1?!

So here we go!  Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nice walk!

The sun was out again today and I needed to go to the bank.  Good thing it was a cardio day!  I decided to walk down to the bank.

Ryan was loaded in the stroller and off we went.  He did a great job on our way there.  I did a walk and jog combo and was comfortable with my pace.  Most of the way there was downhill which probably helped.

We went to the bank, walked to the post office and then stopped at a new place for lunch.  I tried to make the best decision and went with a wrap and half order of fries which I was supposed to share with Ryan but he hasn't been into fries lately.  Sure wish I had that self control!!!

We then loaded back up and headed home...uphill!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  it was definitely a slower pace than the way there but we also had a lot of stopping and going.  Ryan got restless and wanted out.  He then had a full on melt down about a half mile from the house.  He wanted out to run but we were along a very busy street and Mommy said no.

We made it back and it felt good!  By the end of the day I had over 15k steps.  I see myself walking more places this Spring/Summer/Fall!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Luck O' the Zumba: The Sequel

Ryan approved of the green hairspray
There was a prize for best dressed so I made my shirt and skirt for the event.  I also made my mom's tutu.
I haven't done Zumba in a LONG time so I was a little nervous.  The two hours went by quick and the only problem I had was with my stupid skirt creeping up.  Otherwise, it was a good time!!

After the event we went to a local pub to have some grub and green beers.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weekly weigh in

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!  We've had 3 consecutive days of sunshine and it's felt great!!  So to take advantage of the sun, I decided to walk to WW to weigh in.  Ryan sat in the stroller the whole way there which was nice.  I was down .2 lbs.  I was hoping for more but I'll take it!

We stopped at the grocery store to have some lunch then headed back.  Ryan wanted out to walk and run too.  It made for a stop and go trip but it was cute to see him run.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fresh air!

It feels like we've been cooped up for WAY too long!!!  Today was semi nice outside.  It started out with sunshine and then that slowly went away.  After dropping the kids off at school and weighing in Ryan and I decided to do my workout outside today since it's a cardio day. 

I started off with a 1.5 mile walk around the park which was 16 min.  My map.my.run app only recorded a mile though.  Grrr!  I'm sure it's my phone's fault, it is a piece of junk and I can't wait to get a new one...I digress.  Ryan sat in the stroller the whole time and was just glad to be outside.  It got a little tough because the wind picked up and the stroller acted like a sail!

He wanted to play at the park so we stopped to let him.  While he played I did some of my HIIT workouts, 1 min on and 1 min rest.  I did jumping jacks, irish jig, step ups on the cement curb and then step ups onto the bench, alternating legs.  I'm sure the people at the park or living around it got a good laugh.  Ryan took pictures of me for proof.  I hate my stomach in them but I'm keeping it real!

After a bit we headed home because it looked like it was going to start raining.  It felt good to get out and get some fresh air though.

Weekly weigh in and 60 day check in!

Today's weigh in did not go as I had hoped for.  I weighed myself this morning and knew it wouldn't be good.  Shark week is on it's way and I can feel it.  I was UP 2.2 lbs.  :/  Was really hoping to hit my 20 lbs again but not this week.

Today is also the 60 day mark of the BBM Challenge.  I can't believe it's been 60 days!  Here are my measurements:

Chest  43.5" (-1.5")
Waist  43.5" (-3.5")
Hips  50.5"  (-1.5")
R Thigh  19.5"(-3.5")
R Upper Arm 13" (-")
Total inches lost = 11" 

Weight: 222.2 (WW)
Total weight loss: 3.4 lbs 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Killer workout

Have I told you how much I love this challenge?  I am not a fan of the workout this week.  It is tough!!!  I pushed myself harder today and killed it!  I was hot, sweaty and red afterwards!  

I plan on doing it again after this one ends.  Who's with me?  

My accountability group that I started has fizzled some and it bums me out.  I realize people are busy, get sick and get burnt out but I need the accountability!  If I can do it, so should they!  (Right?)  There is one gal who is more consistent with the workouts with the others but other than that, I am the only one that has done it everyday (with the exception of one day).  We're down to about 4 out of 15 of us that are "sticking with it".

"I've fallen and can't get up!"
Like I mentioned above, I have stuck to the schedule and completed everyone.  Up until this weekend.  I didn't get in my cardio day on Sat, was doing to do it Sun and then ended up not doing it.  I still feel horrible but I think my body was telling me that it needed the break.  I am extremely proud of myself.  This is the longest that I've stuck with a plan, especially 6 days a week!!!  I can feel and see the results and I love it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Smaller jeans

I wore my size 16 jeans today...all day!  I tried them on this morning, like I have many times in the past few months.  I expected them to be slightly uncomfortable like usual.  However, when I put them on they weren't!  It was a nice feeling!