5% - 227.8 (-11.99)
10% - 215.8 (-23.98)
15% - 203.8 (-35.97)
20% - 191.8 (-47.96)
25% - 179.8 (-59.95)
30% - 167.8 (-71.94)

final goal weight:
160 - 180 lbs
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

new week

Um, how did it get to be the 14th of August already?!!??! 

Since I’ve joined the Y I decided not to have a mileage goal this month.  I’m hoping to get some other workouts in and maybe that will jump start my weight loss?!

My food choices sucked today!  I didn’t get up until 8:30am (thanks for sleeping in Ryan!)  I went to get some coffee to try to get rid of a migraine and I also picked up a muffin top for breakfast.  My migraine stuck around for most of the day.  I thought about going to the Y to get my butt moving but then realized that the day care was only open until 6pm so that was out.  While sewing during Ryan’s nap around 3pm I realized I hadn’t had lunch yet.  I snacked on some peanut butter pretzel things.  I woke Ryan up around 5:30pm and we headed out for dinner (I need to go shopping).  I got Panda since I barely had had anything to eat.  We stopped at a park and ate our dinner and played. 

When we got home I had intentions of getting them in the shower and then to bed.  Then I caught a second wind and decided to put jammies on them and head out for a late walk.  I knew it was going to get dark so I took the dog with us.  It was probably about 74 degrees but I was warm!!!  I took the shorter route and decided to jog quite a bit of the walk.  I was proud of myself!  It wasn’t too overwhelming and actually felt good!


By the way I was sweating (and I’m not much a sweater) I thought for sure I burned more calories than this…blech.  But I guess some is better than none, right?!



SO…ladies I need your help!  I need a new sports bra.  Mine are from when I first had Ryan and nursing every 3 hours.  Needless to say, it’s a little big and offers no support.  What kind of bra do you have/use and like the best? 

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  1. Look how thin your face is!!!! Yay you!

    Lots of women are using Enell Sports Bras -- they are pricy. I have a Moving Comfort sports bra that I got at Scheels -- like it pretty well. I also always check the clearance rack at Kohls -- have scored a couple there by chance. (In fact, I have a couple in my drawer that are too small but were such a good deal, and I will get into them soon.)