5% - 227.8 (-11.99)
10% - 215.8 (-23.98)
15% - 203.8 (-35.97)
20% - 191.8 (-47.96)
25% - 179.8 (-59.95)
30% - 167.8 (-71.94)

final goal weight:
160 - 180 lbs
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love morning runs!

Zack stayed at a friends house last night which was a nice break in boys fighting!  Jim wanted to go to Golden Corral this morning for breakfast and I declined.  I am not a huge breakfast fan and wouldn't get my money's worth and would be making bad choices so I opted to stay home and go for a run instead!  I enjoyed my cup of coffee in complete silence, something that never happens in my house!

I just went around our park which I'm beginning to like (in the morning when it's not busy).  I didn't have a certain agenda, just wanted to get out and move!  The sun was out and it was the perfect temp!

On my last run I used a Gatorade bottle with water in it to rehydrate.  I put it on a light post and a park worker threw it away.  So today I took my own water bottle and put it in a tree.  Kinda looked obscene, didn't it?!  ;)

I ended up doing over 3 miles and in my fastest time yet!! Consecutive 11 min miles, cool!   It felt good!

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