5% - 227.8 (-11.99)
10% - 215.8 (-23.98)
15% - 203.8 (-35.97)
20% - 191.8 (-47.96)
25% - 179.8 (-59.95)
30% - 167.8 (-71.94)

final goal weight:
160 - 180 lbs
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Monday, April 29, 2013

C25k w1d3

I didn't have any motivation since it was SO windy outside.  After dinner Zack begged to go on a walk/bike ride.  At first, I'll admit, I said no because it was 30 mph winds all day.  But then the guilt set in and we got ready for a walk/run/bike ride.  I got a sweatshirt and forgot to put my hair up...big mistake.  Hair down plus wind while running is not fun!  But we got out there and did it!  I'm glad we did too.  The second to last jog session was all uphill!!  I told myself I could make it for the whole minute uphill and I did!

We ended up doing over 2 miles total.  However, I'm about 3 min slower running with kids than without.  I'm not going for time or anything, I just found it interesting.  On to week 2!

I vow to never forget a hair tie again!

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