5% - 227.8 (-11.99)
10% - 215.8 (-23.98)
15% - 203.8 (-35.97)
20% - 191.8 (-47.96)
25% - 179.8 (-59.95)
30% - 167.8 (-71.94)

final goal weight:
160 - 180 lbs
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 237
Last Week: 222.8
This Week: 224
Weekly Loss:  +1.2
Total Loss: –13.8

I'm not surprised really.  Our weekend getaway consisted of LOTS of bloody mary's, green beer and unhealthy food.  (But WELL worth it!)  I tried my best once we got home but apparently I didn't do the best job.

So today I've decided to do a 2 week Isagen.ix cleanse.  I was too nervous to do the 30 day so we fixed up a plan that will last two weeks and consists of just two actual cleanse days.  I'm excited to start the plan, start seeing results and feeling better overall.

I made it to Zum.ba last night and it felt good to be back.  I could tell I hadn't been in a little over a week, I was struggling on a few songs.  But I made it and even managed to use the toning sticks the whole time.

here goes nothing, wish me luck!

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